Hello! I’m Kristiina aka Kooma, a graphic & motion designer based in Copenhagen, but originally from Helsinki, Finland.

A curious and adaptable designer with a passion for creating captivating visual experiences. With a solid foundation in design principles and a diverse range of experiences, I bring a unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and problem solving skills to every project. My journey in design has taken me from print materials to digital screens, allowing me to develop a well rounded skill set and a keen eye for detail.

I hold a Bachelor's in Visual Communication from the Danish School of Media & Journalism, where I learned and developed an interest in a concept-driven approach to visual identities, graphic, digital & motion design.

Let’s get in touch for a good chat about design, work projects and collaborations.

+45 91 77 92 04

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2023-2024 Freelance Designer: 
WILM, Public Service Agency, Hey Jack Studio, Lazy Sundays
2021-2022 Visual Designer, Yoke - Experience Design Studio 
2018 Print Assistant, Cultpump Screenprint Studio
2015 Graphic Designer, Ashinaga Organisation
2015 Graphic Designer, Vallila Interior

2024 North Creative Academy, Motion Graphics
2019-2022 DMJX – Danish School of Media & Journalism, Visual Communication
2013-2015 KEA – Copenhagen School of Design & Technology, Multimedia Design
2014 Toronto Metropolitan University, Exchange Graphic Design & Animation

Conceptual research                              
Visual identities                                        
Interactive concepts                                
Graphic design                                        
Digital design                                           
Motion graphics