Little Ida’s Flowers

The project involved creating a design presentation that visually conveys H.C. Andersen’s fairytale "Little Ida’s Flowers" (in Danish, "Den Lille Ida’s Blomster") for the Nature Festival Bloom. This performance, which integrates light, sound, and music, is part of the event series 'Sundays under the oak' held on the open-air stage beneath Søndermarken’s oldest oak tree.

Fairytales and dreams exist in unreal realms, often depicted as hazy and indistinct universes. In my exploration of crafting a dream-like identity, I gathered flowers from nature and captured unfocused photos to evoke a dreamy atmosphere. It mirrors the dance of flowers under the moonlight—almost visible, yet leaving an element of uncertainty. The logo represents Little Ida's personality, embodying the soft and naive nature of a child.

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