Democratic Design

IKEA Museum

At Yoke Experience Studio, I was involved in crafting visual elements for the Democratic Design exhibition at the IKEA Museum.

“The exhibition takes you on an interactive journey through the five dimensions of Democratic Design: form, function, quality, sustainability and low price. It is an opportunity to discover and explore design challenges in life at home, and get an insight into just how product development on the factory floor can make a difference. Young visitors can explore the SAGOSKATT children’s elements, and the curious can learn more about the design process at IKEA.” - Yoke

More about the project:

Yoke Experience Design Studio / 2022
Content Research

In collaboration with:
Project Manager -> Sophie Warberg Løssing 
Spatial Designer -> Mette Karina Johansen
Art Director -> Lucia Merlo
Developers -> Daniel Øhrgaard & Johan Hellgren
Sound Designer -> Alexander Rye Nielsen

Wheel of Function

Content research, UI-design, Illustrations

Sagoskatt Sustainability

Ideation, Storyboard, Motion

Sagoskatt - Life at Home

Print cut outs

Meet the Designers