Building Diversity

Building Diversity is a non-profit organisation working to ensure a diverse and inclusive architecture for the world to live in. 

The logo is designed to represent the past and future, the academic and activist, the established and unknown. The arch, an opening without a door, is an architectural symbol recognised across the world. Its placement, and relation to each other, are anything but traditional.

Just like the community, the perspectives and what to discover are many and much. The logo is designed to take a shifting and expanding place in the identity across layout, framing and reading.

The logo is built on a simple grid system that allows it to stretch and shape up modularly. Based on the shapes and blocks, there are infinite variations of a shifting and moving logo.

Public Service Agency / 2023
Logo Design
Visual Identity

In collaboration with:
Story Direction -> Sophie Gevind
Visual Direction & Motion -> François Andrivet
Art Direction -> Luna Pontoppidan
Copywriting -> Lena Rutowski
Project Managing -> Magda Markova
Finance -> Julie Schiøtt
Proofreading -> Rebecca Wells